IATP-Project will have 55 Hydroponic Greenhouses across Kosovo. One of the first 6 Hydroponic Greenhouses of the pilot phase will be located in Kamenice. Each Hydroponic Greenhouse will have 82 employees throughout the year.

Challenges & Solutions

The growing methods will be mainly NFT and Cocopeat but also in some greenhouses aquaponic (crop and fish). Vertical or horizontal installation methods will be determined according to the size of the land and the production capacity needs. The growing area of each 8-sector greenhouse will be 54.800 m2.


Agriculture is related to the main things of life such as: issues of hunger, food security and environment. As our global population grows, food demand grows with it. Modern food systems which are dominated by industrial agriculture are ill-equipped to meet global food demand.


Nowadays, to attain self-sufficiency in food, hydroponics provides the most effective solution. As a technology, it avoids all the negative effects that are widely used today in the cultivation of food products.
  • Client

    : Kamenicë
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    : Nov,2021
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    : Mar, 2022
  • Location

    : Kamenicë,Kosovo
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