Our Mission

Our mission is to realize the availability of reliable food and quality agricultural products needed by the country and world markets, to ensure the sustainable use of agricultural and ecological resources as well as to define and implement strategies to raise the standard of living in rural areas.

We believe we can transform agriculture in the best way for everyone.

Our Vision

To offer and fulfill the highest level of producers and consumers needs in the field of food and agriculture, to make Kosovo an agricultural leader in the region and a global factor in the world.

To be one of the forces leading Kosovo’s progress in the agricultural industry sector in which we operate.

Our Values

By combining both global and local extend, we aim to improve life and create a sustainable food system in Kosovo through:

  • Respecting local values and providing innovation knowledge,
  • Protecting the environment and the ecosystem,
  • Creating professional and efficient conditions that derive from scientific methods, with gender sensitivity
  • Providing quality, equality and ethics in the workplace.

All this so that passion, transparency and accountability in the work we do, is never lacking.