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IATP-Integrated Agricultural Technooogy Park L.L.C.


Knowledgeable and experienced experts are focused on IATP mission.

The IATP-Project consists of 55 soilless greenhouses, 5 germination centers, 1 agricultural research center and 1 renewable energy center. The total project will be completed in 28 months.

IATP targets a 0.62% share in the EU market. The project will drastically reduce the need to import vegetables for Kosova, and will turn the agricultural trade balance to positive. However, doing so will also encourage its local environment. While high quality hydroponic production continues in greenhouses, at the same time, local product varieties and quality will increase rapidly because of the cooperation of IATP with local farmers. For a successful process, a range of measurements will be implemented, including training, supervision and consultancy.

IATP-Project aims to contribute to increase of employment in Kosovo, particularly of youth and women. 4.845 people will be employed in the project. 31.57% are women, 31.37% are young people between the ages of 18-25, 6% for people with special needs, 31,06% are men. The total proportion of women in all categories is approx. 50,0%.

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